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BL & Sons Construction is a family owned and operated business here in Regina. We offer a variety of services including concrete foundations, commercial grade beams for residential and commercial structures and we specialize in cribbing. We deliver quality workmanship with each and every project completed and strive for 100% customer satisfaction.

We have completed work on townhouses, single family homes, apartment buildings, condos, and more.

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We provide a variety of services for your residential and commercial construction needs. Our specialty services are concrete foundations, commercial grade beams for residential and commercial structures and cribbing.

Concrete Foundations

Having a strong foundation is the core of any residential or commercial structure. We provide cost effective solutions for a wide variety of clients. We provide forming and installation of structural concrete. During the process of constructing a solid foundation we put forms in place, place reinforcement bars positioned for strength, pour the concrete then remove the forms.

Commercial Grade Beams

Our commercial grade beams are for use in both residential and commercial structures. These prefabricated beams are designed to be easily installed and require substantially less labour and materials than traditional beams. While being the most cost effective solution these beams are also effective in saving time during your construction projects. If you are seeking a cost effective and time saving solution our commercial grade beams are the answer.


B L & Sons Construction specializes in cribbing for residential and commercial structures.

The benefits of cribbing include:

Lower energy bills: Homes built with cribbing require about 44% less energy to heat and 32% less energy to cool as compared to wood-framed houses.

Noise reduction: The greater mass of concrete in the walls can reduce sound by more than 80%.

Pest proofing: Cribbing is an undesirable food source for termites, carpenter ants, rodents and other pests.

Healthier indoor environment: Cribbing contains no organic material so the growth of mold, and mildew is near impossible.

Fire resistance: Concrete is accepted by insurance companies as the safest form of construction during a fire.

Decreased repair and maintenance costs: Cribbing is made of non-biodegradable materials so there is virtually no risk of deterioration.